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$5 or more gets you a one month account at, home of bonus comics, wallpaper, daily commentary, and more!
$50 or more gets you the original art of one of our comics!

Terms of Service
All bonus items are provided on an as-is basis.  We reserve the right to cease production at any time.  Any announcements of future bonus comic books or donor comic strips are tentative - we reserve the right to change the size, content, style, setting, and genre at any time. If and when we make a change, we may offer a full or partial refund to those who donated that month at our sole discretion.  We don't want anyone to feel that they're not getting something equivalent to what they expected.  The refund would be in place of the altered bonus book, not in addition to it.

The schedule will be followed on a best-effort basis and events beyond our control may prevent us from updating on time or at all.  We have, in the past, backdated comics to make up for any outages and will probably do so in the future.  We reserve the right not to, should we feel the situation warrant it.

We reserve the right to revoke anyone's access to at any time, for any reason, with or without refund.  This has only happened once so far and we provided a full refund.

At some points, may be unavailable.  This may be due to our actions, our host's actions, your actions, or any other reason. We don't like downtime and do our best to avoid it.  If it lasts more than a day or so, we usually will give all valid accounts extra time to make up for it.  We are not, however, obligated to do so.

We reserve the right to close at any time - if that happens, we would do our best to deliver any outstanding bonus items to the best of our ability, however this is on a best-effort basis as noted above.

What does this mean?  We have every intention of following through on our promises, but sometimes disaster strikes.  Given the number of comics we create, things add up quickly - 2-3 comics every day. If Isabel breaks her arm in a parasailing accident and we wind up not being able to update the site for a month, we'd rather not have the added stress of making up 80 comics immediately.

We have every intention of fulfullling our obligations and don't ever want to invoke anything above.  We just request your understanding if we have to.

Do you sell or distribute my information?
No. We use your information to create your account and mail out your stuff. That's it. We don't sell it, trade it, or give it to anyone else. Apart from the above, I mean. We give the post office your address, otherwise the mail would never get there

 Will I be automatically charged every month if I donate?
No. We do not have any kind of subscription plan. If you donate one month, you will not be automatically charged in the future.

 Is the total given gross, or net?
It is gross; PayPal's percentage per transition is not taken out of each donation total before it is added to the donation bar.

Where does the money donated to the NDU comics go to?
All the money goes to Terrence and Isabel Marks and goes towards paying for the site's bandwidth, the time and supplies it takes to create the comics as well as to fund  book production (or, at least it did. And it will again if we ever send out monthly books).  Some of the money will go to the artist's other bills as well.

What if the donation goal is not met?
Namir Deiter will go back to five days a week while You Say it First will go to three days a week.  The pay site accounts will not be discontinued.  The next month we'll try again to reach our goal.  None of the comics will end because the donation goal is not met.

Why are you doing this?
Over the last few years working on the comics has become a full time job yet I was barely making part time pay for the work I was doing.  Currently our financial situation is one of such that it is time to try and actually get paid a little more for all the hours I put into the comic each month.

How long does it take for my account to be activated?
It can take up to 48 hours.  Your month (31 days) will not begin until your password and user name are e-mailed to you.

I donated $50+ and I live in the U.S./ I live outside of the U.S- when  will I receive my bonus item?
If the item is made already (i.e. original pages of art from the bonus comics), it will be sent out as soon as the bonus comic book is complete and ready to send out.  If it is an original piece of art is made per person, it could take a little while for it to be sent out.  Most items will be shipped at the end of the month, unless otherwise noted.
All items shipped within the US will be shipped first class.  All items shipped outside of the US will be sent Ground (which can take 4-6+ weeks).

I donated the set amount to receive the bonus comic book, when will I receive my item?
We're not currently offering physical books for donationg, but back when we did:
This also depends on when the item is actually made.  Please be sure to check out for the latest information on when the item will be sent out.  All items shipped within the US will be shipped first class.  All items shipped within the US will be shipped first class.   All items shipped outside of the US will be sent Ground (which can take 4-6+ weeks).

I want to donate but I do not have Paypal.  Can I still donate?
Unfortunately, we do not have a PO Box at this time.

Can I share my account or the bonus content with others?
We'd greatly prefer you not to, considering the site is a thank you for all the people who donated.

What happens if I forget my password?
Please e-mail terrence @ with your name and your Paypal transaction number for your donation.  We will try and have your password sent to you as soon as possible.

Who runs
Just the little artist and her big strong programming husband. Terrence does all the programming. Isabel does all the art. They split web design and writing duties. So if there's a problem, e-mail one of us and we'll get it fixed.  Just please remember that it's just the two of us doing a lot of everything, so we might be a bit slow.

Do you pay taxes on this? Are donations deductible? [NEW]
These donations are not tax-deductible. We are not a charity. We pay taxes on it.